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Vertigo High Access Adelaide perform a variety of rope access and heights services in Agriculture. We offer solutions such as:

  • Rope Access Maintenance & Installation
  • NDT (Non destructive testing)
  • Confined space inspection, repairs and maintenance
  • Façade inspection, repairs and maintenance
  • Core samples
  • Silo cleanouts
  • Silo repairs at height
  • Silo / structure cladding and wall repairs
  • Working at Heights construction
  • Rope Access rescue & recovery standby
  • Welding rope access
  • Anchor installation & inspection
  • Water leaks and high access problem solutions
  • Electrical Services at heights
  • Roof walkways
  • Roof access systems
  • Vertical static lines

Vertigo Adelaide has performed agriculture work for the following companies:

See the full list of our clients in South Australia here.